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When you choose Juan Amaya Waste Company to remove your unwanted scrap metal, you'll get quality services at affordable rates. Our team properly removes almost anything that's metal.


We believe in recycling everything. We would rather recycle your scrap metal than put it in a landfill. Our team will efficiently remove any item from your residential or commercial property. Call us today.

Put your faith in us for your scrap metal removal

Our team will remove

  • Air conditioners

  • Athletic and exercise equipment

  • Bicycles

  • Boilers

  • Car and truck batteries

  • Car rims

  • Dishwashers and microwaves

  • Freezers and refrigerators

  • Grills rebar and pipes

  • Hot water heaters

  • Metal bathtubs and sinks

  • Metal chairs

  • Metal garage doors

  • Metal playground equipment

Additional items include

  • Metal swimming pools

  • Metal tools and tool boxes

  • Motorcycles and mini bikes

  • Motors and ATVs

  • Printers, copiers and hard drives

  • Push and riding lawn mowers

  • Restaurant equipment

  • Satellite dishes

  • Storm doors and windows

  • Stoves and ovens

  • Vehicle parts

  • Washers and dryers

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